The Client

21st Century Fox, a global leader in the film, television, and entertainment industry.

The Need

21st Century Fox production crews mostly work remotely throughout the world , making it difficult to manage traditional safety and health training in a classroom setting and many remote locations have limited Internet access for typical eLearning delivery. Transitioning from traditional classroom training to mobile learning development based on the geographical disparity of the company's workforce required the development of a combined online and offline based learning solution to manage courseware and critical training data through mobile devices.

The Solution

Learning Sciences built an interchangeable online and offline application to provide background transmission of training data including the ability to capture user registration while applying course course assignment bookmarking and course preferences. No traditional learning management system was applied and all development work was customized for the client's learning environment compliance needs.

In addition to the application, the project included two fully-produced videos, Production Safety for the general employee population and Production Safety for craftsmen. Each video featured interactivity on the subject of production safety and the final product supported both mobile app course delivery and SCORM operability, allowing desktop access for employees' with stable connectivity and desktop machines.

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