The Client

The Department of Health and Hospitals protects and promotes health and ensures access to medical, preventative, and rehabilitative services for the citizens of Louisiana.

The Need

The agency maintains confidential and proprietary information regarding health and well-being of citizens of Louisiana. I.T. security and maintaining that data in confidential manner is of utmost importance. The agency elected to update all employee cyber security skill sets in effort to maintain tight control over private information.

The Solution

Working with DHH I.T. professionals, Learning Sciences designed and delivered a fully web-based solution that was built to cyber-security best industry practice and DHH's policies and procedures regarding the confinement, protection, and safekeeping of this information. The course included areas of why security matters, consequences of security breach, personal responsibilities, dos and don'ts of proper security and the use and management of password protection.

The final product was installed within the state of Louisiana’s learning management system for distribution to all DHH employees and qualified agents. After implementation, the course was then converted for mobile delivery using Learning Sciences’ Swizzle.IT technologies and processes.

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