Each year 20% of all new employees will leave their new position within their first 45 days. Another 23% will leave their positions before their first-year anniversary date. Research indicates that it takes as much as 8 months and over $4,000 dollars to recruit a replacement employee. Loss in productivity goes mostly unmeasured but is considered substantial. Onboarding reduces employee turnover.

Onboarding is more than an orientation. It is part of an overall talent development strategy that incorporates a means for providing a range of cohesive, well-scheduled, and highly personalized support for both external new hires and internally promoted employees. It includes:

  • Readily available training and just-in-time resources that are easily assessable¬†
  • Consistent brand messaging that promotes successful knowledge application
  • Strategic mentoring sessions between new employees and senior staff
  • Ongoing check-in and training sessions to continue employee development and engagement

Onboarding prepares the employee to arrive day one confident, aware of company expectations and, prepared to make an instant contribution to the success of company while growing their career.